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Welcome to the Round Hill Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department Website

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Huge Thanks to Megan for Her Generous Donation!

Talk about inventive ways to recycle. Megan Gilbertson, owner and founder of Altered Threads, has come up with ‘the most’ inventive way to repurpose used Fire Hose. She creates Dopp Kits out them.

Dopp Kit: a term used in some parts of the U.S. referring to a Toiletry Bag or Case. The name derives from the early 20th century leather craftsman Charles Doppelt, whose company designed the first men’s toiletry kit in 1926. At the time of World War I, toiletry kits (small zippered cases), were issued to service men for a compact way of carrying their shaving items. By World War II, the terms Toiletry and Dopp became synonymous by the military, and it stuck to this day.

On May 10th, 2022, Megan contacted the Round Hill Volunteer Fire Rescue Department (RHVFRD) about hosting a fundraiser for the department. When she explained her idea of using old fire hose for Dopp Kits to sell, we were thrilled! The RHVFRD had recently replaced a lot of its expired hose, so Megan had lots of material to repurpose. Over time, fire hose expires due to the severe use it experiences, which could make it unstable for Fire Fighting, and must be replaced. And with all the expired fire hose we accumulated, that had no real use anymore, it made this a Win-Win for everyone!

Expired Hose Photo

Megan created 80 ‘beautiful’ Dopp Kits and had a ‘Sell Out’ at the Berryville Fair held on May 21 and 22. And on May 27th, she informed us that due to the overwhelming sales at the fair, she was able to donate a whopping $1,112 to the RHVFRD and thanked us for all the hose, for future Dopp Kits, and the support for her business.

Dopp Kit Photo Dopp Kits & Crew Photo

The RHVFRD would like to give a HUGE Shout Out of thanks to Megan Gilbertson of Altered Threads for her hard work, generosity, and kindness,… THANK YOU MEGAN!!

Dopp Kit Donation Photo

Your support helps US support YOU, our community, in many ways.


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Visit the Loudoun County Health and Human Services website for instructions on how to receive updates about COVID-19, contact information for the Health Department in Loudoun County, and many other pandemic related details.


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The RHVFRD Seeks New Members

The Round Hill Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department (RHVFRD) is not just a volunteer station, as you would think based on our title. It’s what is referred to as a combination fire department. Meaning, our fire department consists of both full-time career staff and volunteer members.

The career staff is assigned to our station through Loudoun County and handles all aspects of daily operations. This includes, but is not limited to, equipment checks, basic station maintenance, and other such general tasks, as well as responding to the numerous calls that occur in our coverage area. They don’t answer to the volunteer chain of command, but they do help by informing us of station problems, repairs needed, supplies and equipment needed, and so on. As you can see, our career staff is an integral part of the station due to the small number of volunteers we have to man it on a 24/7 schedule. Mainly since most of our volunteer members have full-time careers preventing them from responding to calls during normal business hours. So even though we have assigned career staff, the station belongs to the volunteers. Hence our title as a volunteer fire department.

As you can see, this is why we continually work on recruiting new volunteer members. We may have a full-time career staff to support our community, but we need volunteers to help keep the station running and depend on our volunteers to keep our community safe.

We are always seeking volunteer members for the following:

  • Operational - Firefighters
  • Operational - Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT)
  • Operational - Ambulance or Utility Drivers
  • Non-Operational - Administrative:
    • Fundraising: Are you good with reaching out to organizations and businesses and raising money? If so, we could use your skills for pulling together our flower sales, our annual community donation letter, as well as other events you deem would be of interest to the town that would raise money for the Station.
    • Analytical: We need your skills to analyze and update existing documentation such as our By-laws, Charter, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
    • Special Events Coordinator: The Station is frequently called upon to provide support to local fireworks displays, Appalachian Trail Day, EMT support for 5K, 10K races, Dinner with Santa, Round Hill Days, annual Volunteer Banquet and other special happenings nearby. This takes skills in organization, communication, dealing with all levels of bureaucracy and attention to detail.
    • Grant Writer: We are always looking for ways to increase our financial resources and there are many, many grants available and we need to right person to inquire with the various outlets, work with various Station members on what is needed and submit all the required documentation.
    • Accounting: We are looking for someone with these skills to fill the Board Treasurer position. You would keep track of all the investments and bank accounts.
    • Maintenance: If you're skilled in electrical, plumbing, heating, standard improvements and vehicle maintenance, these skills could be used to help manage of our Station's equipment and vehicle needs, and work with the County on resources and planning for the new Fire Station.
    • Logistical: If you have a background in acquisition, we are could use your skills in purchasing and maintaining Station's Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), Station clothing and swag.
    • Recruitment: Have you worked in Human Resources and/or Recruiting. Do you have the organization and personality to talk to, work with, guide, correspond and follow up with potential volunteers to get them on-board, through the County Orientation and back to Station for swearing in? Then those skills are needed.
    • Technical: Do you have experience in system administration, technical acquisition, web development, then we could always use these skills to maintain or develop web pages, databases and suggesting what technical advances the Station could utilize.

If you would like to volunteer for any of these positions and receive the benefits volunteering has to offer, go to the Join page and complete our volunteer application.


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Can't Volunteer?

There are other ways you can "Help Us, Help The Community!"

We realize that many folks can't volunteer their time due to other commitments - jobs, family, vacations, and a schedule full of activities. However, there is another way you can help.

Please consider making a monetary donation to the Round Hill Volunteer Fire Department. Funds are needed for ongoing maintenance of the building, vehicles and equipment, and for ordering supplies used on fire and rescue calls. Any donation you wish to give will help provide emergency services to your community with the best quality service we can give!

To donate online or by mail, please refer to the donation information located at the top-left of each page.

Thank you for donating!


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Our Location

The RHVFRD in Round Hill is 12 miles West of Leesburg, VA and 23 miles East of Winchester, VA.

*** The RHVFRD is NOT the Round Hill Community Fire and Rescue Company in Winchester Virginia ***


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Our Tribute to the Fallen


Your feedback is important to us!  Feel free to sign the guestbook.

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